Al Bahr Towers – Abu Dhabi


Architect: AHR Architects
Airspace Protection Lighting: Medium Intensity ICAO Type C


Height: 145m
Floor Count: 25
Materials: Concrete, Steel and Glass
CEL Aviation Lighting: CEL-MI-2KR-48

Al Bahr Towers development consists of two skyscrapers of offices and investment and banking.

Located opposite Mangrove National Park in Abu Dhabi City, United Arab Emirates. The architecture of Al-Bahr towers is Islamic inspired.

These 29 story towers support an Eco design feature that monitors the suns direct intensity to the buildings that result in rising daytime internal floor temperatures. The façade which is made up of external panels covering the towers are controlled by the building management system to automatically open and close the glass panels of the façade for increased shading.

Whilst receiving Energy and Environmental honours in the Emporis Skyscraper Awards, CEL aviation were selected to supply the Aircraft Warning Lighting for its quality and high performance in the demanding local temperatures.

Whilst fulfilling the required energy and environment credentials, CEL aviation lighting was chosen for its very low power consumption, extended LED lifetimes, long warranties complete with a compact lightweight design the aircraft warning light system was approved.

The latest generation of networked aircraft warning lights are being specified and deployed in numerous tall building installations globally. Further information can be found at Al Bahr Towers were designed by AHR (formerly Aedas UK), and constructed by Carillion.