One Canada Square – London


Architect: Cesar Pelli
Developer: Olympia and York
Owner: Canary Wharf Group
Airspace Protection Lighting: High Intensity ICAO Type A


Height: 240m
Floor Count: 50
Materials: Steel
CEL Aviation Lighting: CEL-HI-200KW

Canary Wharf Tower or officially One Canada Square is the iconic supertall structure that has dominated the Docklands Business District since 1990.

Located in East London, the Docklands was the historic shipping port for London, serving the global trade from around the world from the 1800s.

In the late 1980s, a regeneration program for the Docklands began via the London Docklands Development Corporation to improve socially and to appeal to new business away from the City of London and Canary Wharf Tower spearheaded the rise upwards when topping out in 1990 at 240m.

Recently in 2017 the iconic white flashing light at Canary Wharf Tower was refitted with CEL High-Intensity ICAO complaint aviation lights at its highest point for their reliability, quality, functionality and service.

‘The lights are working perfect and could not be happier, I have had no issues whatsoever since the install. Thank you very much for the help and assistance offered by you and your team, I am extremely proud of the lights and so are the Directors of CWG’