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Compliance and regulations explained. Cost-effective design,
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Compliance & Services

Compliance, Services and Maintenance

CEL is the UK’s leading specialist supplier of aircraft warning lighting and obstruction warning lighting and control for tall buildings, wind turbines, tower cranes and all other high-rise structures which may present significant safety hazards for commercial and military aviation.

At CEL, we understand that staying ahead of all the latest regulations on airspace safety can be a confusing and time-consuming task therefore we provide an advisory service to help our clients comply with CAA, ICAO, EASA, MADS, FAA regulations relating to their aviation safeguarding and building safety.

Design and Markup:
– simply send us details of your project complete with either specification, design elevation drawings/plans. – we, verify which aviation regulations applies, propose a cost-effective configuration of aircraft warning lighting for your project complete with drawing markups.

Test and Commissioning:
Factory and Site Acceptance testing – CEL service team to enable your lighting systems to LAN and BMS networking, demonstrate to client personnel.

Routine Maintenance:
CEL provide yearly routine maintenance of your existing aircraft warning lighting and control equipment, also CEL engineers are IRATA certified for rope access works.

CEL Services:

  • Provide templates for submission to the CAA or other regulatory bodies.
  • Project start-up and progress meetings.
  • Factory acceptance, site acceptance and full installation services.
  • Commissioning and maintenance services.
  • Verify and advise you of which aviation regulations and recommendations are applicable to safeguarding your tall structures.
  • Propose a cost-effective configuration of aircraft warning lights for your project, including optimised operation and maintenance, anti-glare measures to minimise light pollution, interfaces to building facades, and integration with other systems (BMS, GSM, web browsers etc).
  • Battery Backup Systems