Lewisham Exchange – London


Architect: JTP Studios
Developer: Tide Construction
Main Contractor: Tide Construction
Airspace Protection Lighting: Medium Intensity ICAO Type-C


Height: 103m
Floor Count: 35
Materials: Concrete, Steel and Glass
CEL Aviation Lighting: CEL-MI-ACWGAM

Lewisham Exchange is located in South East London and the towers are captured for airspace protection by vested stakeholders.

Visual Red Medium Intensity Aviation Lighting marking the highest points of the development offer an omni-directional airspace protection coverage from all directions.

All aviation fittings are constructed with marine grade chassis and end parts are A316 stainless steel components. CEL aviation lights are fitted to special bracketry at the top frame of the tower. After topping out in 2020 the towers were equipped with CEL aviation lighting complaint to CAA/ICAO/EASA Medium Intensity Lighting Type C and benefits from its quality, robustness, control and network operation.