Mersey Gateway Bridge – River Mersey


Architect: Knight Architects
: Merseylink CCJV
Maintained: Halton Council
Airspace Protection Lighting: Medium Intensity ICAO Type C


Height: 125m
Total Length: 
2.2km – 1.4miles
Materials: Concrete and Steel
:  Cable Stayed
CEL Aviation Lighting:  CEL-MI-ACWGAM

The new Mersey Gateway Bridge opened to traffic in 2017. The landmark bridge consists of a three pylon design linking Runcorn to Widnes.

The new river crossing is located near Liverpool and the cable-stayed design forms an elegant presence along the River Mersey. The Mersey Gateway Bridge at 125m was captured by Liverpool Airport for their safeguarding concerns for aviation movements.

The Mersey Gateway Bridge has been fitted with 9no CEL Medium Intensity Red Aviation Lights. The lighting has been located to provide omni-directional lighting coverage at 2 height levels.

All aviation fittings are constructed with marine grade chassis and end parts are A316 stainless steel components. The highest level aviation lights are fitted to our 1.8m bespoke factory made pedestals, and lower level intermediary bracketry to standard A316 bracketry. See below Mersey Gateway Bridge Opening.

CEL Aviation Lighting by Contarnex