Rammstein – Euro Stadium Tour


Stage Set Designers: Negearth
Materials: Steel, Glass and Visual Projection Screens
Airspace Protection Lighting: Medium Intensity ICAO Type C


Rammstein – Stage Set European Tour 2019
Stadium Count: 29
CEL Aviation Lighting: CEL-MI-ACWGAM – stage set flash modified

Rammstein kicked off their stadium tour with four shows in Gelsenkirchen on May 28th, 2019, to sell out stadium crowds. All the 29 open-air stadia have sold out through until August 23rd 2019, touring Spain, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, England, Belgium, Czech, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Austria etc.

Negearth the London stage set production company with artists such as the Rolling Stones were tasked with the design implementation of the skyscraper inspired stage set with a heavy industrial backdrop featuring a wealth of pyrotechnics to add brilliance to the show. CEL Aviation Lights were deployed to add lighting to the highest feature points of the stage set outlining the skyscrapers. CEL aircraft warning lights were programmed to widen the vertical beamspread and to increase the relative output intensity 4 times to 10,000 candela. Complete with built-in GPS synchronisation for varying flash rates and WIFI capability, this offered the stage designers the license to create organised and chaotic flash patterns from the convenience of their handheld mobile device.

CEL Aviation Lights were used as they are considered the most adaptive lights whilst offering the authentic aviation lighting that is widely used on London Towers such as the Shard.

To date, the tour has been an outstanding success and we at CEL Aviation Lighting are extremely proud to have added this type of lighting and control to the stage set. For further questions please contact our safeguarding team!