The Shard – London


Architect: Renzo Piano
Developer: Sellar Property Group
Airspace Protection Lighting: Medium Intensity ICAO Type C


Height: 310m
Floor Count: 94
Materials: Steel and Glass
CEL Aviation Lighting: CEL-MI-2KR-48

The Shard is the tallest skyscraper in London. After completion in 2012 Renzo Piano’s The Shard became the tallest building in the European Union at the time of construction.

The Shard stands at 310 meters with offices, restaurants, hotel, private apartments and a public viewing gallery at levels 68-72. The building tops out at Level 94 spire with CEL aircraft warning lights meeting the sky.

Early stage airspace safeguarding assessment was carried out with the CAA, vested stakeholders captured compliance to en-route ANO regulations.

The red compliant Contarnex aviation lights can be seen from across the city giving aviation traffic their visual reference, particularly the helicopters that route along the River Thames.

Aircraft Warning Lighting is LED technology for high reliability and very low power consumption. CEL was chosen as their light heads are small form and lightweight approx. 3kg offering very low ‘flow distortion’.

The spire feature shards at LVL94 have 360° omnidirectional compliant red medium intensity obstruction lights fitted, and the remaining levels at 81, 67, 51, 30 & 20 are 180° directional lights.

All lighting is fully compliant with ICAO, EASA and CAA Medium Intensity Type-C totaling 18 lights on 6 different levels.

All aviation lights are monitored via the network Shard Fibre Local Area Network

Lighting variants are CEL-MI-2KR-48-H. All lighting levels are networked by our CEL-CSW lighthead controllers.

Contarnex were chosen for their clear advisory guidance, compliant aviation lighting and control products, together with their experience in tall tower protection.

Contarnex are delighted to have successfully delivered compliant airspace protection to the most prestigious landmark in London.

“Our product portfolio extensively covers the needs of aviation obstacle light systems on all tall buildings”, says Paul Turpeinen, of Contarnex.